Monday, 5 December 2016

Prepping and Trialling.

Today my nurse (Joanne), went to work while I stayed at home and went xmassy as I made two nut roasts (one for Will, who's not keen on cooking), and our xmas cake.

This afternoon I cycled into the little city of Lancaster, Lancashire, met Joanne and Abigail - unplanned, and Jonny and Gail - unplanned, bought a few xmas cards and presleys - undetected, and cycled home, alongside the canal, of course.

Not long afterwards Jonny arrived - planned, and for about 90mins we nattered in the cold shed, conversationally almost tripping over ourselves, as folks do when they've made only a little time to discuss adventures shared and unshared, past, historic, prehistoric, and projected.

The nut roast was good, I say modestly - really it was very good - and it was followed by baked plums in spiced red grape juice. I'm finding that as more and more people jump on board the good ship Vegan Bandwagon, the greater the need there is to tweak newly published recipes. And that's what I did today because I'd rather mess up a book with my scrawled alterations, than mess up a meal. And I'd rather fill a day in early December with food trials, than produce a duff meal on the big day. Whenever we decide that might be.