Sunday, 25 December 2016

1,000 Light Years from Lonesome

Once upon a time about one thousand years ago I didn't know much at all about The Rolling Stones music, but my good friend Keith... no-o-o-o-oh, not that Keith, lent me the newly released Sticky Fingers, then several other Stones' albums, and I became, like him, a fanatic. In 1973 we persuaded Karen to take us to see the Stones in Manchester. It was my first ever gig by any well known band, and I'm not sure I've ever been to a better one. (Karen became their greatest fan for two days, then reverted to being a fan of Roxy Music. Tsk, I say). On leaving school I went to college in the Lake District and Keith went to London and became a builder. Three decades went by before we met one Boxing Day in The George in Brecon. We found we'd both been disappointed by the Stones' music ever since Mick Taylor had left (late in 1974), and had finally stopped collecting Rolling Stones' albums round about Steel Wheels, which I won in a music mag's competition. By that time (1989), we already owned about 28 each. Again we fell out of contact, but since a school reunion in August this year have stayed in touch. Exchanging seasonal greetings today we were much amused to find we'd both been given The Rolling Stones' new Blue and Lonesome album. And we like it.