Sunday, 11 January 2015

Soggy Old Xmas Cards

So instead of recycling old xmas cards from home, I thought I'd take them to WH Smith. In full waterproofs (yes, a proper 100% waterproof '70s-style Helly jacket, etc.), I rode the rusty steed into the little city through some pretty good quality rain only to be told our WHS hasn't done xmas card collections for 4 or 5 years, but that TK Maxx were doing it. In TK Maxx I was told Boots were doing it.
In Boots I had a good old natter about cycling, France, creaking necks, etc with Ian Johnston, then the staff there wrongly suggested the photo department were taking old xmas cards. It was busy, but a nice shelf-stacking woman nearby said, No, Sainsbury's was the place.

So I went to Ye Olde John O'Gaunt, once Lancaster's very best and busiest music pub, and drank a half of some local beer and scoffed a packet of crisps. Around 2pm customers numbered me, then three, then two as I left.
In Sainsbury's I dropped our soggy xmas cards into a cardboard box for the FSC (not knowing how responsible they are, but hey-ho), swerved my trolley around great clumps of Chinese students, bought some organic veg and some very heavy tinned stuff, man, and cycled home mostly uphill in rain so wet you'd have thought it had come from Wales.

Anyway, no harm done, and even though I've cycled about five miles only, I feel as if I've almost had an adventure.