Saturday, 12 July 2014

I Scored Four Courgettes, Man.

Every season we're in happens to be my favourite, but yesterday summer scored particularly high when we stopped at a garden gate in Scorton, (Lancs, UK), to buy 15 dahlias for £1.00 (dropped into an open topped honesty bucket), and I collected 4 courgettes marked "excess produce - help yourself". I've converted them into 1ltr of very good spicy courgette soup, more than half of which has already gone.

In our much too small garden there's a rhubarb forest next to the compost bin. I've just stewed some rhubarb - our third cropping this year - and now I find I'm beginning to wear the determined-to-look-unexcited grin of all those allotmenteers who at this time of year and right on through to October walk past our house laden with good quality, probably organic, and almost entirely free food.