Monday, 9 December 2013

Life's a Beech.

Yesterday for a couple of hours I was working with a friend in Greaves Park, Lancaster. A beech tree had been blown down across the cycle track alongside the A6. Serious tree people had removed a 6ft length of the trunk thereby allowing passage along the cycle track, then they'd cleared off! Leaving all of the rest of the tree! (And some horse chestnut branches and some pine that might be larch).

Jackal-like we swooped on the injured limbs and at one stage there was a bow saw, six little Stihl's and
my new Husqvarna all buzzing away like fury. I was glad to see that most of the fellers seemed to prefer big wood, because I like roughly 3" x 2"-ish logs - better calorific value and much less work than splitting those great hunkeroonies. I guess my friend and I got about 1¾ tons of very good quality wood between us and, come xmas 2015, it'll be just right for burning.

An hour later I cycled past the park. All the fellers had gone leaving a scenario which put me in mind of a beached whale stripped for its meat, but in this case we'd taken the skeleton and left the rest behind. And a lot less work for the professional tree people.

Wouldn't it be good if Lancaster had a great big forest of its own. Do you remember "Plant a tree in '73"? And the wits who very quickly came up with "Buy a saw in '74"? If only we'd taken trees very much more seriously then. And now.