Sunday, 8 December 2013

Cry of Love

Last weekend on the Saturday market on Market Street, Lancaster I saw a favourite LP on that good secondhand book and record stall. And I bought that LP. Yes, vynil. Yes, gatefold sleeve. For £20. It was on the Track label, a first pressing, of the first posthumously released album by Jimi Hendrix, Cry of Love. And it's in far better condition than you could possibly expect of any such document more than 40 years old.

Long ago, or so it seems, I owned Cry of Love on cassette, but I wore it out to the extent that its s
parkle had long since departed, stuck to the heads of tired old players in long ago houses, flats and cars. (Rory Gallagher's Live in Europe was another similarly exhausted recording).

In more recent years the ten tracks were reshuffled, and added to, re-, re- and re-released amongst the apparently endless barrel-scrapings of Jimi Hendrix' recorded legacy.

I am so very happy to have acquired the real Cry of Love. Now every time I see it - the cover's upright on the kitchen table and facing anyone who might pass that way - I feel as if it must already be xmas day, probably 1971, and that all subsequent xmases were, are, and ever shall be, of relatively less importance.