Thursday, 5 November 2009

Big Baby Ernie

Big Baby Ernie were so damn good that I nearly drove an hour down the road to see them play for what would've been a third time in four days.

Their first album's on Spotify and, like many a very good one, is less immediate in its impact than one might expect. The second is v good too. You can find them at Myspace and on Youtube, but be patient because several of the clips there are of live performances poorly recorded.

BBE sound variously and sometimes altogether Motowny, Gil Scott-Herony, MGs-y, Allmans-y, Stonesy, Ike and Tina-y, Stevie Wondery, and look to be in their late mid to late 20s.
If you've time, see what you think. They'll be "back in the summer".