Saturday, 31 October 2009


Today my wife, Jo came home with a 1979 Bang and Olufsen record deck, cassette and tuner combination with 2 fatly solid speakers. The weight of the unit is similar to that of a small car. She'd found it all in a junk-type shop at £80 and paid £70. With it came an identical unit which is for spares and doesn't work, we're told.

It seems styluses (styli?) cost £50-60, but so far when I put on my less scratchy LPs (I guess we have about 100 LPs in all), the result is by a very long way the best recorded sounds I've ever heard in any place in which I've been living. Ever.

Fortunate, aren't we.

Using headphones I listened to, amongst a few other things, Buddy Guy's "The Blues Giant" recorded in 1979 on my son's real birthday (Halloween) in Toulouse (around which city we were driving last weekend).

Here's Buddy Guy last year:

Monday, 26 October 2009

The Black Crowes in '96

The Black Crowes
10/5/96 BC Roadshow, Chicago, IL

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