Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Gateway to the Lake District (Cumbria, UK).

Sunday afternoon and I was heading for a village north of Lancaster (UK), and quietly smirking as I passed almost a mile of standing traffic when I had to stop at the ex-Regal ex-cinema to record the recent "unveiling" of this Mk III Ford Cortina. Dates of manufacture dictate that the advertisement can be no less than 32 years old.

In his garden my friend showed me 7 goldfinches on his feeders. And added that I'd missed the waxwings by half an hour! They visit us from Scandinavia - take a look at waxwings at the RSPB's website.

It seemed it might be dark before I got home and I'd no front lamp, but between Nether Kellet and Lancaster despite the failing daylight I felt I had to run across a roadside field and grab a few views like this one:

Notice the Langdale Pikes (about 25 degrees up from the white house)?

And then I turned around..........

Those square blocks to the right of the sun are Heysham's nuclear power stations. You know, the sort of nuclear power stations about which no-one has any properly useful ideas to make them properly safe especially after their "use by" date. Oh, that sort! Like all of them then? Yeah, they're the ones, all of them. Those at Heysham are due for decommissioning in 2014.

Two fingers from the Millennium (cyclists' and pedestrians'), Bridge at Lancaster.

And the castle's a prison, by the way.

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