Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Beasts of no Nation & Loft Insulation

From our local library I've borrowed The Best of Fela Kuti - Music is the Weapon. It's two CDs and a DVD and I very much recommend it all. Perhaps you'll look up Fela Kuti on the www? He was a marvellous man. You'll notice that the cover of his 1989 album, Beasts of no Nation shows Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and PW Botha with fangs dripping blood. And yet it seems to me that there are still many people in the West who are surprised and indignant that there are many people of other nations who do very, very much dislike us and what we represent. Hey-ho, you say?

In the meantime, you might want to go to i-Tunes, search on "Fela" and listen to a few 30 second samples, or try YouTube and, if you like what you hear, go straight to your local library and borrow a (double) CD. It cost me 50p to borrow this double album & DVD. At iTunes it will cost you 79p to download each track.

Fela Kuti is correctly pronounced Fella Kootee, near enough.

Today I've been preparing and spreading Warmcel natural insulation in the roof space in our small house. After four hours I'd covered less that half of the area, but the depth is enormous. I chose insulation made from paper because I didn't want to "help UK sheep farmers" by buying wool-based insulation. Well, what have sheep farmers ever done for our environments? Apart from increasing the methane and grazing away seedling trees and other plants?

I'm impressed with the product though. Compared with mineral fibre, natural insulations:

  • Are more thermally efficient,
  • Use less energy and emit less CO2 in manufacture and
  • Are safer to handle.

And they

  • Have the ability to absorb and desorb moisture without losing their efficiency
  • Can store CO2 during growth (hemp)
  • Can be composted, or incinerated for energy use, at the end of their (long) life.

(If I had any religious belief), may your gods preserve us all from the consequences of our unconscionable behaviour against the planet and against anything on or within that shared environment, and from the consequences of our unethical behaviour, and the consequences of all our unprincipled, unscrupulous, dishonest, obscene, unreasonable and unfair behaviour. Have I missed anything?