Saturday, 20 December 2008

Eating Not Deadly Oop North, UK

In West Yorkshire I've noticed, but not yet made time to visit, what looks to be a good new place to eat:Green & Bousfield, aka The Veggie, an Organic Vegetarian Cafe in Ilkley.

So while we're on the subject of really trying to avoid harm to animals and to the environment........, Here are some similar places in the north of England all of which I recommend [and none of them are that often quite horrid so-called veggie-friendly (but-still-sell-stinky-meat-and-fish-to-the-other-customers) type of place)]:

In Ambleside, Cumbria is
Zeffirellis restaurant (plus jazz and two cinemas!).
In Grasmere, Cumbria the not inexpensive
Lancrigg Vegetarian Country House Hotel:
In Kendal, Cumbria is the
Waterside Wholefood cafe and shop and
Quaker Tapestry Exhibition Centre & Tearooms;
In Keswick, Cumbria is The
Lakeland Pedlar cafe-restaurant (with bicycle shop!)
In Lancaster the wonderful
Whale Tail and below it
The long established and special
Single Step;
In Manchester find the very good
Eighth Day Cafe (and healthfood shop)

At Silverdale, Lancashire is
Kayes Nursery Gardens and Tea Rooms (unfortunately it's closed through much of the winter).
In Ulverston, Cumbria is Gillam's Tea Room (web site?) at 64 Market Street, LA12 7LT. 01229 587564 and
The relaxing
World Peace cafe (with meditation centre above).